Nov. 15th, 2012 06:24 pm
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I've got severe senioritis or something because honestly I'm failing my accounting class even though I put 110% of my efforts in. I mean, I study and do the homework and take notes and I get 60s on my tests so like I've sincerely come to not give a shit about the class anymore. And my professor has tenure so she feels she can treat her students however she pleases. For example, telling all of us that we either pass or fail, and there are no "in between grades." So even if I put the best of my ability in and suck at the tests I'm still going to fail. why

why why

Now I want to drop my management minor because of this one damned class.

GOD I'm never going to graduate. I'm in a rush to graduate but I'm 21 and still a junior at my college because of some credit nonsense. I'm losing motivation to continue going to class and homework because I just feel like I'm whittling along here wasting time with classes and professors I hate.

like what the fuq am I even going to do with an English/management degree anyway

is cowboy an option because


I don't want to work at a grocery store the rest of my life damn it all.

One of my managers is nuts. There was a mouse scurrying around in the back room and my supervisor says, "Get a box and we'll capture it and let it outside." And my manager says, "I have a box," and chucks this 24 PACK OF SODA AT IT AND I JUST STARTED to cry and he's like, "Oh. Woah. It was just a mouse."

I just feel for animals of all sizes and I can't help it. And I called him a murderer and glared at him the rest of my shift because he is

I can't


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